How We Charge

ICM Legal offer fixed priced work

How We Charge 2019-05-28T11:47:04+00:00
ICM Legal offer fixed priced work based on your individual situation and case. These will be pre agreed prior to any work taking place to give you the satisfaction of what your costs will be with no additional ‘cost creep’ occurring.

We also have hourly rates that can be charged. These start at $95.00 for junior lawyers and are capped at $295.00 for senior lawyers (plus disbursement fees and GST). Family lawyers are charged at $395 an hour + GST.

The majority of law firms will have an introduction with one of their senior lawyers and quote hourly rates of around $500 an hour. They then pass the work to a graduate who costs them a minimal amount an hour but will then charge you all of the work at the higher rate. Is this fair? No!

One of the main differentiators with ICM Legal is that we will openly share our cost structure with you and utilise the lower cost lawyers for the template work so you will save your money. Every law firm uses specific lawyers based on experience to handle work. Each of these lawyers is paid a differing amount by the law firm. You should have complete transparency of this. Why should you pay the one exorbitant fee no matter what level of lawyer touches your files? We don’t require the full amount to be paid up front like other law firms.