The Difference

ICM Legal want to change the face of law

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We understand the general public look at Law Firms with scepticism, and they have every reason to be cynical. It all stems from what is in reality a history of gross overcharging, for minimum service. They do this by charging in time blocks for ”additional” services like reading emails, writing emails, receiving calls and photocopying. This encourages inefficiencies and old school client exploitation and reeks of law firms putting their firm first.

ICM Legal want to change the face of law by putting an end to this charging manipulation and cost creep, whereby the firm’s costings are not transparent and have not been agreed to.

ICM Legal will charge you, our client, a fixed fee or low hourly rate for agreed work. This is our commitment to you. This gives our client’s certainty to what work will be performed and allow our clients to properly budget for their legal requirements.

ICM Legal want to change the face of law by offering our clients alternatives to standard legal practices. We are an insightful, experienced company that has an eye on being relaxed, engaging and helpful. We want our clients to understand that the Legal profession is a SERVICE industry, and we are here to impart our experience to you and make you comfortable with the processes and the potential outcomes.

ICM Legal want to change the face of law by being a law firm that is flexible, cost effective and collaborative assisting you in your legal needs. We promise to put our clients first.

Why Choose ICM Legal?

  • High quality experienced lawyers at the right price.
  • Transparent staff and cost model – simple cost model based on a 3 tiered lawyer skill and experience level.
  • Utilise ‘best of breed’ online systems and software accessible to our clients to allow transparency in your case.
  • Modern communication facilities to encourage our clients to email, call and Skype, for ease of contact that saves time and money.
  • We understand that many legal services only require ‘template’ style law and we can perform this quickly and efficiently.
  • No ‘add on’ expenses.
  • Reasonable fixed and/or hourly rates.
  • Free 30 minute initial consultation.